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Five year-old boy wearing a cowboy outfit and floating above the ground

Life Lessons Learned in Grade School

Part One

Laugh at my silly mistakes!  This collection of humorous and nostalgic stories chronicles the adventures of a boy growing up in rural America in the 1950's.  It was a much simpler time back then, but the youngster makes many mistakes and learns lessons the hard way.

This is a childhood memoir, following the boy from Kindergarten through third grade.  It's an opportunity for young and old alike to share memories and enjoy the follies of youth.

See my TV interview with Logan Crawford on Spotlight TV !

Two champagne glasses with a cork and one of them is tipped over

Star Benchwarmers


Emergencies can happen at any time in life, usually when we least expect them.  How we react to these situations is often more important than anything else.  When that challenge involves an illness or death of a loved one, the stakes of the game of life are the highest of all.


This is the true story of a family living in Texas, suddenly confronted with the stark reality of brain cancer.  Adapting to this common enemy, the family pulled together in a collective support network to help the mother deal with the crisis, while reminiscing and savoring the special moments they’d enjoyed over the years.

Model of a 1957 Ford Thunderbird with an M-80 in the window while it is sliding down a slide

Teachings From Pop

A Boomer’s Journey & Stories That Bind Us


Teachings from Pop is a collection of stories, glimpses of time, from the original settlers in Iowa, to childhood in the fifties.  The historical characters and circumstances portrayed in this book are based on real people and events.


Combining the stories of several generations in the same location, the reader is transported from log cabins and Civil War days to hare-brained adventures in the 1950s.  “Boomers” will remember these experiences as some of the best times ever, even though many were simply the stupid things kids dream up.


Hopefully, this book will help people of today understand how life was back in the old days for the pioneers, through the mind-boggling changes that occurred during the next hundred-plus years.


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